Trip to Napa Valley, CA!

Pat and I just got back from THE BEST vacation in Napa Valley, California. We drank copious amounts of the most delicious wine; we took in views of gorgeous vineyards as far as the eye could see; we tipsily strolled through wine caves; and we traversed Southwest's lost luggage claims system. Yes! In my 3 decades of life and air travel, this is the first time my luggage has ever been lost. And this experience ironically came on the tails of a conversation with my husband about whether or not we should pack toiletries and a change of clothes in our carry-on. Of course, we foolishly decided not to because we agreed that "everything is computerized now and so bags almost never get lost anymore". This woefully silly decision on our part led us to Target as the first stop on our much-awaited vacation for necessities such as underwear, toothpaste and deodorant. Our Napa experience, however, more than made up for this bump in the road (and Southwest did an AMAZING job with getting our bags to us quickly after they went missing).

We are already planning our next trip to wine country and I am working overtime to channel the inspiration I obtained while there to incorporate certain wines into my desserts. I'm thinking Cabernet Sauvignon with something chocolatey. Maybe a Chardonnay with something peachy?  And lets be real, who doesn't love baking with wine? I'm usually half way through the bottle before I actually get around to putting any in the dessert. 

Feel free to email me with your favorite wine / dessert combinations! I love hearing exactly what my followers love.

Till next time,


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